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Jitsu-Jitsu Kyo

Two parts nature one part technique.

One must arrange flowers as they wish to be arranged and avoid forcing them into a form which is unnatural to them. The originator of the School, Mokichi Okada, taught that the natural growth of the flowers and the branches is the most important guide in arranging.


As you arrange flowers, you find will find yourself refreshed and freed from worries, and your life becomes more harmonious and peaceful. At the same time you bring beauty and joy to those who see your arrangements. The appreciation of even a single flower on a desk can change the way some approaches the day. The placement of a Sangetsu arrangement in a home, school or business effects the energy and levity of the space.


Arrange flowers with joy, and with the consciousness that they will be giving pleasure to others with their beauty. This is the principle upon which the Sangetsu School is based.

Sangetsu Principles

There are five main guidelines from Okada's philosophy which serve as the foundation of the Sangetsu School.

  • Arrange Flowers Naturally

  • Arrange Flowers Quickly

  • Arrange Flowers as if you were Painting a Picture

  • Arrange Flowers in Harmony

  • Arrange Flowers with Joy

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