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Our Founder

Working to create a world of
truth, goodness and beauty.

Our founder, Mokichi Okada, was a Japanese man who lived from 1882-1955. Okada was an artist, poet, and philosopher. As a humanitarian and spiritual teacher, he believed in the transforming quality of art as a means to awaken the inherent beauty within each individual.


Mokichi Okada practiced and taught the process of sharing universal energy for the benefit of all. He fostered the understanding that human beings can increase our health and happiness by bringing beauty into our lives, by selflessly serving others for the common good, and by eating naturally grown foods. One can say that he had a deep connection to divine energy. His teachings are based upon that source of inspiration as well as his own life experiences and observations.

In his lifetime, Okada built and inspired the creation of magnificent art museums, filled with inspirational art pieces that he collected. He believed that all art of a higher inspiration or vibration was to be shared with everyone and not just cloistered within the collections of the privileged few. He designed exquisite gardens and structures that he envisioned as prototypes of an ideal community.

Okada's flower arrangements expressed his great love of nature in their simplicity and naturalness. His style of arranging, preserved in a series of color photographs, formed the basis of the School and serves as the model for Korinka -- the advanced level and essence of Sangetsu.


His vision was to create a world of peace, health, and prosperity for us all — a paradise on earth.

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